About Us

I think it was the flavor of the chalky pink antibiotics I took as a kid. Armed with a few back issues of Reader’s Digest, a kitchen full of spices, and a backyard full of weeds, I started concocting different “remedies” with various effectiveness. Years later, I had a bookshelf full of books on herbalism and alternative medicine alongside my video games and bits of broken computers. Friends would let me practice on them, curing colds, hangovers, and occasionally lighting them on fire (I’ve gotten much better at cupping since then). This got the attention of “Doc” Rosen, who gave me an apprenticeship in Chinese Medicine. His unfortunate passing made continuing my apprenticeship difficult, with him being dead and all, so I floated through the world of tea and herbs until I arrive at East West College of the Healing Arts. I graduated from there and set up my practice in Beaverton.