How long does a session last?

A typical session will last 60-90 minutes depending on what we are working on. This gives us plently of time for a proper intake, an unrushed massage, and a bit of after care. Longer or shorter sessions are available upon request

What should I wear? Do I have to get undressed?!?

You should wear whatever makes you comfortable! If you are stressing about what you are wearing, or not wearing, then it will be hard for you to get the most out of your session, right?

That being said, most table massage is done either partially or fully undressed. At all times, as regulated by our state board and the law, your genitals will be draped and covered. Being nude on the table does give your massage therapist better access to your muscles and a broader range of techniques. If you are at all uncomfortable at any point during a session, let your massage therapist know. We have all sorts of great ways of keeping you bundled up and secure.

For Thai massage work you will want to wear something stretchy and comfortable.

For Structural Bodywork there will be a lot of postural assessment that is best done in underwear or small sportswear. A big part of the treatment is finding the tiny puzzle pieces of postural distortion that make up your personal pattern. The work also involves multiple position changes and deep techniques that don’t blend well with draping.

Chair massage is fully clothed, though it is best to avoid scratchy fabrics or clothing with a lot of strapping.

What does a typical session involve?

A session will start with an intake form that goes over your health history and what brings you in for massage. From there, we would talk about treatment options and plans and get you on the table. Once you are on the table, the practitioner may place a warm pack (called a hydrocollator pack) to start loosening up the muscles and fascia in an area. Sweedish massage tends to use more oil or lotion than some of the deeper modalities. This lets us do more gliding strokes and longer movements up and down the body. You may be asked to flip over once or twice during a session in order to access different muscles. These transitions are usually quick and you are always covered during the transition. Kneading, rubbing, frictioning, tapping, and stretching may all be part of the session (though you may hear us use the fancy French terms for these movements. Like effleurage and tapotement).

How do you price your sessions? Is tipping expected?

Sessions are priced at a flat rate with a few add-ons. Since each session and each client are different, treatments and tools may change from visit-to-visit.

Tipping is appreciated, but not necessary.

Why don’t you offer the typical 60, 90, 120 minute massages?

I want treatment and experience to be based on you, and not the clock. Every massage therapist I know has had a session where they wish they had just another 5 or 10 minutes at the end to do that little extra work. Conversely, you don’t want a therapist who is just trying to run out the clock. So I offer a “block” of time that is all yours. That way if you want to linger and have tea, or if you are running a few minutes late, you don’t have to worry about it cutting into your massage time.

Think of it this way; you are reserving a block of time, and what we do in that block of time is up to you.

What happens if I am running late or need to cancel

If you are running late, don’t sweat it. You reserved a block of time that has a bit of buffer room on each end. So if you are a few minutes late, you are still going to get a full treatment. If you are running really late, it may cut into your massage time. Please remember, the service charge is for your block of time and not for the length of massage.

If you need to cancel, please let me know. Things come up and plans change, so don’t feel embarrassed if you have to call and cancel. Officially, if you cancel within 24 hours of your treatment, you would still need to pay for that session, though I do my best to be accommodating in those situations.