Free Trade

We all could use a massage, a brief moment in the middle of the day where someone else can take care of us. So once a week I’ll be doing free on-site chair massages for organizations. Not just non-profits, not just companies contributing to the good of the world, but any and all organizations. Of course, non-profits do get priority and I may turn down the gig at my discretion.

If your organization wants to contribute back, there are some ideas:
-Contribute in-kind to a local non profit or to Child’s Play
-Do you make shoes? Bake cookies? Create art? Call it a trade!
-Make a mention on your blog or social media

I’m in the Portland metro area. If you are outside Portland, I’m happy to visit, but I need 3 things
-A way to get there
-A place to stay
-Something to eat
other than that, I can bring the rest
-If outside Oregon, please let me know. Each state has its own licensing requirements.

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