Massage Trades

Here are two facts that seem contradictory coming from a massage website:
1. Regular massage can be expensive
2. Massage therapists aren’t rich

That should not stop people from getting massage, or from massage therapist from trying to serve as many people as possible. People are so talented, and those talents are so varied. I’ve traded services for log furniture, fancy car rides, paintings, brownies, and more.
Here is what I am looking for right now:
-Designers, or artists less terrible than me (so, like, everybody). Make a t-shirt design for Hammer and Clover or some funny massage illustration.
-My website is self-made, and could always use improvements. If you can sharpen something up, or want to help me write content, that would be great.
-I would like to make videos, but at the moment my equipment is a knock-off GoPro and recording studio made out of packing foam.

I believe in time parity in trades like these. If something is going to take you 2 hours to do, then I want to offer you the same in massage time. If we try to get cash in the mix, then we might as well just pay for each-others services, right? So drop me a line, tell me what you wanna do, and we will work things out. We are smart people, we can come to an accord.