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Divine Farmer’s Renga:
The Divine Farmer’s Renga is a materia medica that reads like a book of poetry. Or some might say it’s a book of poetry that reads like a materia medica. Written straight from the heart, this unique work combines years of research, journal entries, letters, and notes written on table tops and the back of napkins from journeys around the world and into the self.
It includes nearly 250 individual Chinese herbology entries, ranging from the “Gathering Happiness Flower” to “Giant Black Centipede. Each listing provides alternate names from other modalities of alternative medicine, as well as the “Five Elements” of energetic qualities and a quick reference of traditional uses in Chinese medicine.

The Paean of Brandon:
This oracle is meant to be casual and joyful. Flip to a random page or choose a meaningful number. Skim until something catches your eye. Was it a word? A phrase? A shape of something? Look at the kanji next to the text. Look at the birds and the worms wiggling out their message to you. What does it mean for you today? Will it become a sign, a trigger, a cosmic nod? Or will you act on it? Will you make an oracle of your own? Will you send me one? Will you jump forth into this world, leap down from the tree of sleep and declare your fortune?

Commentary on the Paean of Brandon

(upcoming) River of Thumbs: