The Laboratory

The Laboratory

Experience never errs; it is only your judgments that err by promising themselves effects such as are not caused by your experiments. – Leonardo da Vinci

Good massage therapists are always challenging what they know. Getting into a predictable pattern is the death of a career, not only in massage. That is why from time-to-time I like to learn a new modality, or practice my postural assessment, or try an experiment that is just as likely not to work as it is to succeed. The one thing I need for all of this is patient patients. People who I have worked with before as clients who are willing to spend an hour or so trying something new. In exchange, they get a free massage in a style they may have never experienced before. If you are interested, and have worked with me as a client in the past, please let me know.

Upcoming labs:

 Fibromyalgia case study:

I am looking for Fibromyalgia patients who like deep pressure treatments, have good skin integrity, and have been cleared for massage by their primary care physician. I’m curious about treating the “tender points” directly via two modalities and comparing short and long term results

Topical lineaments study:

I am looking for patients with no known allergies and good skin integrity to try a series of topical ointments. These topicals are used in traditional Chinese medicine, and I am curious to see their application in western massage. We will try between 2 and 6 different topicals with a range of effects from cooling to warming to pain relieving.

FPS/RTS gamer study-PC:

I am looking for gamers who play FPS, RTS, or any other high action game for more that 5 hours per week on PC. The study will involve a postural assessment and massage. Client will need to send photos of their current “battlestation” (keyboard, mouse, and chair/desk setup). The goal of the study is to decrease pain and increase actions-per-minute.

FPS/Fighter gamer study-Console:

I am looking for gamers who play fast-paced competitive fighters or FPS on any console for more than 5 hours per week. The study will involve a postural assessment and massage. Client will need to bring their current controller to the massage